Global Girls centers and celebrates the lived experiences of African American girls and women.

About Our Studio

Performing arts is an essential component of the Global Girls model.  The creative process engages girls and women in a process of self discovery by uncovering their talents and skills, allowing them
to share their stories in a trusting environment and igniting their curiosity about the arts as participants and connoisseurs.

We Travel Too!

 Travel has been an integral component of the Global Girls model.  Legacy Globes time and time again remarked on how traveling locally and
internationally radically expanded their worldviews and altered the course of their lives. Through
travel, they became Global Citizens appreciating other people and being concerned about issues beyond themselves, their neighborhoods and their country.

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Global Girls Practices


Getting comfortable with not knowing, improvising and trying new skills is a Global Girls MUST! This practice also helps girls and women build and exercise resiliency.


Global Girls participants practice “being
impeccable with your words,” assertiveness, the art of compromise after discussion and debate, resourcefulness, agency, advocacy and conflict resolution. 


Curriculum lessons are all designed to promote self awareness and improvement. And, we believe you can always “better” your best. Teaching artists draw out levels of achievement that surprise the girls, parents, and friends.


“It takes a village” is more than a saying at Global Girl. It’s a practice, a conscious choice. It is to be a member of a community that practices joyful celebrations, nurtures shared
values and creates enriches life-altering


“It takes a village” is more than a saying at Global Girl. It’s a practice.  They learn to advocate for themselves and their community. They perform pieces that explore and expose life as an African American female in our time.



“She is more independent, open, confident, mindful and just becoming strong in who she is as a young lady.” 

- Moore

Our Board

Marvinetta Penn

Marvinetta Penn


As the founder of Global Girls, I am humbled by the stories, the memories, the experiences of so many girls.  I have been given a splendid opportunity to see 20 years of my life through the eyes of the precious young people whom I had the high honor and privilege to engage along this Global Girls way.

Board of Directors

Lafayette Ford, Board Chair
Dorothy Thompson, Vice Chair
Crystal Stevenson, Secretary
Donna Beasley, Treasurer
Raymond Stanton, Member
Tonay Tucker, Member


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